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Whether you’re a beginner or know a little Spanish or just want to brush up on the Spanish you know our courses are for you.

We aim for a relaxing and fun learning environment using various language learning styles to suit all students so whether you learn best through visual means or by listening or by doing we design our courses for everyone.

Courses include learning through using videos, pictures, songs, conversations, games, role plays and much more. We also encourage working alone to develop the 4 languages skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.


We have many resources to help you learn Spanish and we will give you a list of resources that we know will be helpful to you when you join the course.

For example here are some websites that you will find useful:

Courses for 2021

You can join at anytime!

Beginners: coming soon

Intermediate: Tuesdays 9.15am to 10.30am

Zoom only until further notice

Cost: £12.50 per person

email or call 07896298129

“In my experience, cooking shows make the best language learning material. You see the items, they mostly use 1st person plural and you get to learn how to cook something new to boot!” Beginners: TBA

Leslie Dean Brown